Is having the ability to sustain neutral hip position throughout an athletic movement, where the tail of the COCCYX BONE is LEVEL to the PUBIC BONE.

This will allow for FULL RANGE OF MOTION of the hip capsule and femur, directly resulting in better speed, power and mobility. This applies to Running, Jumping, boxing, throwing, swimming, etc.


Hey….Let’s be honest, no one likes saying the bone names. But this fact is absolutely true. Take a closer look at these bones so we can avoid saying COCCYX!


Here’s a quick test:

1.) Can you jump higher than normal when you arch your back pre-jump?

2.) Can you run faster when you stick your butt out?

3.) Can you kick a ball with more or less power when you stick your butt out pre-kick?


The overwhelming answer to all these are a screaming NO!!! The only problem is that no one until now has been able to teach it to kids developing in high school.

This website is the first of its kind to correct the issue and help you understand how to achieve this neutral hip position.