Getting Started

“Warriors must go train alone to get more in touch with themselves”
– Japanese swordsman Miyamoto Musashi
The 500+ moves  performed on multiple apparatus in the Pilates studio can be outlined in the Pilates Matwork, which can be done in your home. When done properly, these exercises will help you develop the focus necessary to earn a deeper understanding of your body -without depending on anyone else.
These basics are framework to all Pilates Movement and Matwork. Integrating these will make you a more efficient human being and better athlete as you learn to use your body as intended.


Begin with heels together, toes apart. Imagine half a pizza slice between your feet. Knees slightly bent aligned with toes. Squeeze butt to engage backside of legs, lengthening and ‘scooping’ the tailbone. Pull belly button to spine, pinching ribs with shoulders back. Imagine shoulders as far and back from ears as possible. Arms long on side the body with fingers pointed to the ground. Crown of head towards the ceiling.


Stand tall in Pilates stance with shoulders wide and engaged. Slowly tilt so your gaze looks as high on ceiling as you can without compromising the Pilates stance. Imagine touching your chin in place as you lengthen crown of head up towards the ceiling.
Lay down on the mat with your back on the mat, feet in Pilates stance with knees up at a 90 degree angle. Notice that you are most likely able to put an arm under your lumbar in the hollow space between your butt and your ribs. Inhale. As you exhale, push all the air out of your lungs, bringing your ribs as close to your ribs. You will notice that towards the end of your breath the hollow space is now filled now that your lumbar spine is pressed firmly into the mat. This “SCOOP” is the feeling of lengthening your lumbar spine as found in all Pilates Movement.
This refers to Pilates movement where you imagine rolling up and down a wall or mat one vertebrae at a time.