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GARRETT OWENS:  Attend Arroyo Grande in Arroyo Grande, CA.  Garrett is a longtime Chris Sailer camper and received multiple D1 offers. Took his talents to Oregon State. I was able to train with him in Summer 2015 in Corvallis.  Garrett is a great athlete and started both freshman and sophomore year for the Beavers.

COLLEGE: Currently on the OREGON STATE UNIVERSITY football team.


INSTRAGRAM:  @justwatch_go_csk






BEFORE: 1st Practice   (June 2015)

When I meet with any new specialist, the first thing I ask is to see how they typically warmup. After a good stretch, Garrett went all the way back to the 15 yrd line. When I asked what he was practicing, he replied “I don’t really know how to warm up” and then BOMBED several NO STEP’s over the upright! Not to make an example of Garrett, but this is the case for 90% of ALL specialists I see at the high school or college level (yes even D1). Many specialists warm up too fast, increasing in distance way over the comfort zone to which their body can control.


FACT: It has been proven that human beings performing a specific athletic movement is much more efficient when warming up the same movement slowly increasing in speed and power.

(Ex 1) Pitchers warming up to long toss before pitching.

(Ex 2) Basketball player warming up with layup before dunking.

(Ex 3) Kicker/Punter warming up with NO and 1 STEP drills starting SLOW, increasing power with continued reps.


I first noticed the distance of his feet to the ball in stance, usually a sign of the hips/weight shifted far back in the pre-swing. ALL Kickers that start in this position can expect to move like a pendulum (falling backwards) rather than a MOVING pendulum (finishing forward). This is ALWAYS the case because the body is too far out of balance. Garrett is so far back that instead of gaining momentum with balanced hips (hips closed to ground), he creates momentum by bringing his foot almost at rib level chopping DOWN to ball. 

Screen Shot 2015-10-21 at 5.41.58 PM

(falling back)

Although it APPEARS that the follow thru is high, it is more of a MANUAL movement… meaning hips hips are CLOSED to ground to impact.  Garrett is a well put together athlete, and is able to recover better than most kickers, who typically cannot bring the foot above the knee. The moment the shoulders come back, it puts unexpected stress on the hips, raising risk of injury to unbalanced hips.

The ONLY way he can  achieve higher/normal follow thru is to lean backwards after contact – allowing room for femur to advance past 60 degrees of the torso line. You can see weight shifted behind him  as he has to fall  and walk backwards to achieve higher/normal follow through and femur range of motion.



(after 30 minutes)


back flatter, less of a bow allowing hips to stay open and