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Eddy Pineiro has a ‘one-of-a-kind’ leg
Hank South – Jun 15, 4:59 PM 11
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Eddy Pineiro wasn’t a household name in Alabama until a little over a week ago. The No. 1 ranked JUCO kicker in the country showed up to Tuscaloosa for the Tide’s summer kicking camp, and wowed the coaching staff. It didn’t take long for an offer to be extended from Nick Saban himself, and it didn’t take long for Pineiro to make up his mind in choosing his future school.

Pineiro trains at One on One Kicking, a premier clinic in the kicking industry. His coach Jesse Ohliger, a Director & Kicking Specialist at One on One, has nothing but great things to say about his young prodigy.

“I think it’s a great opportunity for Eddy,” Ohliger told 247Sports. “Alabama is where he should be. He deserves to play there. He was very impressed by (Nick) Saban, he was to the point, and told him he wants results. Eddy will be ready by the time he gets there in January.”

Ohliger went on to speak about the talent Pineiro possesses.

“Eddy is a special athlete,” Ohliger said. “He was offered soccer scholarships to FIU and FAU. When I met him he was at JUCO playing soccer and football. He’s got big-time soccer form, but most guys with that soccer form do not have even close to the leg that he has. What I do with my players is all about injury prevention. With (Eddy) you don’t want to just turn him from a soccer player right to a football player. All these offers happened in the past three weeks. I’m really focused on the body and what we’re going to accomplish for him over the next few months, as we transition him slowly. A lot of guys will stick with the soccer, and they’ll get results for a little while, but that’s ultimately where injuries happen. It’s really important for me to teach Eddy as much as possible about his body, so I can change his alignment and he can protect himself and stay injury-free. You can’t go to the NFL if you have injuries.”

Coach Jesse Ohliger and 2016 Miami Elite squad

We meet every Sunday, and we do the same order. We go over drills individually, I get a lot of one-on-one and team time with all of my guys. I’ve got a nice group. During the week he usually practices twice with his dad. They’re constantly conditioning, practicing, and working on the concepts we work on.”

Ohliger has coached a lot of talent in his time at One on One, but very few have shown the sheer leg strength that Pineiro has.

“Just being honest, for a nineteen-year-old, field goal-wise he’s got—if not the strongest leg—the top three strongest field goal legs I’ve seen in ten or twelve years of coaching. He was trying seventy yards out, I usually don’t let my guys go that far back, but he wanted to get it on film. It didn’t go in but it hit the upright about ten feet up on the left upright. It would have been great if it went in, but it just goes to show how impressive he can be coming that close. Eddy is a top-tier kicker; like I said if he’s not the best he’s in the top three. His leg is one-of-a-kind.”

One on One kicking has an impressive résumé. Founded by Mike McCabe back in 2002, One On One has produced or trained guys like Pat McAfee (Colts), Caleb Sturgis (Dolphins), Garrett Hartley (Saints) and many others who have found extreme success in kicking and/or punting at both the college and professional levels. Ohliger spoke about their Miami location (locations all across the country), and what sets his coaching apart from the others.

“Coach McCabe wanted to do a year round camp, and Miami was the perfect place for it. I run the Miami and Fort Lauderdale location,” Ohliger said. “I have a great group of guys. Four of my guys went Division I and another went Division II. My guys are getting offered early this year, it’s extremely competitive. I teach something truly different than most places in the country. I really educate my kids about their bodies and injury prevention, so they can grow proportionally and use their bodies in uniform. It speaks results, all my guys got signed last year and I look for the same this year.

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