Air Squat Test

To check your normal functioning mechanics, I recommend the basic air squat. Your task is to do a squat with your hips dropping below your knees, then return to the starting position. Achieve by following the steps:

1. STAND WITH FEET OUTSIDE YOUR SHOULDERS -CLASSIC STANCE IN ALL ATHLETICS. Imagine you are ready to about to attempt to return a serve from Serena Williams. Feet straight or slightly open. Duck footed is a major fault. Pigeon toed a fault.

2. ACTIVATE YOUR ARCHES, CALVES, HAMSTRINGS, AND BUTT. Activate these by pretending to screw 2 dinner plates into the ground with your feet externally. Extend arms forward.

3. DRIVE KNEES OUTWARD. Cue yourself to keep your heels on the ground and drive your knees outward to prevent any poor knee movement.

4. DROP HIPS BELOW YOUR KNEES WITHOUT EXTENDING YOUR KNEES OVER YOUR FEET. Your air spuat needs to be deep enough that the hip crease at the front of your leg drops below your knees.

5. KEEP KNEES FROM EXTENDING OVER YOUR FEET. As your butt drops into position, do your best to keep shins as vertical as possible. Do not let your knees splay outward. By keeping shins vertical, you can put the majority of the load on your butt and hamstrings. Vertical shins help you take advantage of the safest way to harness power. KEEP A FLAT BACK WITH NEUTRAL HEAD.

6. HANG OUT IN SQUAT POSITION. How do you develop mobility for a better squat? By hanging out in this position. Athletes should try to collect 10 minutes a day in this position when you read or watch tv.

7. USE A SUPPORT. If you have a weakness in your hip, heel cords or back restriction, use a pole to support to collect minutes in the deep squat position.