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NEW MEMBERS will begin learning right away when they receive their CASE STUDY.   What is taught is very challenging, but do my best to make learning fun and simple so any specialist regardless of age, body body, stage of development can ultimately protect himself from injury. THE GOAL is to become the best  athletic version of yourself in the future. NEW MEMBERS will be able to watch others as they develop as well. This way you can see how similar looking athletes worked their problems/issues and time period to correct.

How to use the website:

1) LEARN:  how to move using classical pilates movement

2) INTEGRATE:  into your training & in the weightroom

3) TEST:  during filmed practice

4) CONTACT JO:   for film and drillwork


Get in touch anytime you need help!


Looking forward to speaking with NEW MEMBERS,

Jesse Ohliger



Using the Pilates Instruction Videos:

1st: Pre-Pilates …………….  3-5 classes
2nd: Beginner (Basic) …..  10-15 classes
3rd: Intermediate ………..  15-20
4th: Advanced. …………….  Call JO!

Learning the Basics is a must to understand the goals of the Pilates Work. Pre-Pilates and Beginner exercises are done primarily laying down on your back. As you get stronger with increased mobility, you may gradually move towards Intermediate Movement. These exercises include exercises chest facing the mat.

It is recommended that all clients begin learning the Classical Pilates method with Pre-Pilates Movement. Typically it is designed for clients with old age or with an injury. These movements help you understand the basics of how to reteach your body how to move as intended. Enjoy the videos of classically instructors teaching clients on a one-on-one basis. As you advanced I will work with you to design a program tailored to your specific needs.

Our goal at Pilates By JO is to assist youth athletes in achieving their full potential in core strength, flexibility and control. Integrating these movements into sport & weightroom will assist you in becoming the best athletic version of yourself.



  • Andrew Houghton 4 years ago

    I’m a kicker and punter. Need some advice about stretching and good pusture. I am in the Chris sailer rankings and want to be a college kicker

    • pilatesbyjo 4 years ago

      absolutely, email me and I’ll send you a free trial with all that’s included in the online program -JO

      I can help with all your questions and i train a TON of ranked KOHLS and SAILER and 1on1 trainees


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