About JO

Jesse Ohliger is the owner of MIAMI ELITE KPS, the premier year round kicking/punting academy throughout South Florida. He has been with One On One Kicking since 2003, passing his experience from D1 and NFL to develop the next generation of scholar athletes.

His unique training style has revolutionized how kicking and punting athletes approach performance as it relates movement, mechanics, and improvement of human and athletic potential. He believes every athlete should know how to move as intended, taking control of the ability to correct and use functional movement to prevent injury. He applies technique to men and women of all ages, body types with specific issues to help anyone dealing with injury or pain. He works with high school, NCAA, NFL, MLB, Olympic, and current members of the Armed Forces.

High School, NCAA, NFL

After a hip flexor and labrum tear, Jesse Ohliger suffered from hip and back pain for years after injury. He experienced ongoing sciatica, insomnia and lingering pain affecting daily life. He experimented with multiple unsuccessful avenues to correct the injury: NFL rehab, physical therapy, TRX, and multiple “types” of pilates before finally finding Classical Pilates. He used this method to correct himself, and pass it on to his trainees throughout the country. His methods saw better results with quicker and safer development, helping young athletes “activate” undeveloped muscles faster than with their typical high school or college program.

The working “CASE STUDY” for each member of this site is designed specifically to match the needs of ALL specialists. Every Kicker and Punter truly need monthly body & technique upgrades as their body & form continue to develop.

Coach Jesse Ohliger and 2016 Miami Elite squad